Before the invention of supermarkets, people used to get their groceries from specialised stores – bakeries, greengrocers, corner stores and butchers. Supermarkets largely took over the market for food products, being more convenient and cost-effective, but at what compromise?

Now people are starting to invest back into their local stores and, in a post-COVID world, having your groceries delivered to your door is standard practice. But should you get something as specific as meat delivered?


The number one reason why you would want to get food products delivered is just how convenient it is. No longer will you have to brave the weather and walk the bus or drive to your favourite butcher, when you can have it delivered to your door. We all live busy lives these days with barely enough time for self-care, let alone getting to the shops. 

A majority of online butchers in London have a quick turnaround time for delivery, meaning you won’t need to order in advance to get your desired product straight to your door. Online portals for meat delivery are also simple to navigate and user-friendly. 


It is more convenient to get food delivered to your door, but the cost is also beneficial as you save money on travel expenses. You can also save by purchasing in bulk or joining a loyalty club.


The quality of butcher meat is exceedingly better than that of standard supermarket meat. Also, most services will allow you the benefit of choosing the exact product you want – from succulent beef Wellington to crispy pigs in blankets. Deliveries are also made in refrigerated vehicles, so you needn’t worry about your meat being exposed to temperatures or being affected by travel. 


Top-quality online butchers in London implement sustainable practices in their companies. Their meat is sourced from ethically farmed free-range animals. Most online butchers will also deliver meat in recycled and recyclable packaging where possible. 


Best online butchers in the UK can be difficult to find, and not everyone in London has the time to pop down to the local butcher shop. If you are time-poor but a passionate meat lover, you can save your time and money by ordering directly from your favourite butcher using their online portals. If you don’t want to compromise on quality, but don’t have the luxury of time, you need to try ordering from your butcher online today. 

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