Winning the War on Mosquitoes in Your Backyard!

As the summer months approach, the days become longer, and mosquitoes become more active. Mosquitos may quickly destroy a BBQ, picnic, or outdoor athletic event. Damascus has many helpful services around the locality. Hence, you can run a quality pest control in Damascus and get rid of mosquitos from your property. 

Moreover, you should also seek professional suggestions from a pest control agency to help you. 

Why do mosquitoes bite? 

As the outside temperature rises, so does our internal body temperature, causing us to cool down by sweating. During sweat, the human body creates about 340 different chemical smells. Mosquitoes are particularly drawn to a substance in our sweat called Octenol. Some people make more of this substance than others. This explains why some people are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others. 

How do we keep them away? 

Mosquitoes are among the most bothersome insects. They can spoil your time and prevent you from appreciating your surroundings. However, there are various methods you may use to keep mosquitos away from your house. These methods involve removing stagnant water, checking leaks, discarding pet food, and maintaining your lawn to repel the mosquitoes effectively.

Remove any stagnant water. 

Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitos, which deposit their eggs in motionless water. Standing water on your property, such as a pond or pool, can also support mosquito larvae. They may breed in containers like old tires or flower pots and even float on top of water pouring down drains.

If you live near a lake or river, keep the area clean by pulling back any plants that grow too close to the water. The mosquito may deposit eggs in as little as a teaspoon of water before flying away to its new home. 

Check for leaks and fix them right now!

To keep mosquitoes away from your house, check for and fix any leaks to prevent standing water. Leaks are notoriously difficult to identify and repair.

If you overlook a leak and allow it to persist, mold may develop in the region. Furthermore, rot can occur when wood warps and splits, causing rust on metal pipes and fittings close enough for water to drip into them, such as faucets. 

Discard pet food, bird feed, and water dishes.

Keep pet food, bird food, and water bowls separate. Mosquitoes need to be attracted to you before they can deposit eggs. If they are unable to locate a host on which to lay their eggs, they may die instantly.

You may want to keep your pets’ food indoors until the evening when mosquitoes are less active. In this manner, you avoid allowing any of your pets out into the yard, where there may be more than one mosquito waiting. 

Maintain a well-cut lawn and trim back the bush.

As you mow and trim the grass, you create a barrier that prevents mosquitos from settling on the ground and flying inside your home. Trim grasses that grow immediately under bushes.

You may also keep shrubs from growing overgrown, which will prevent mosquitoes from hatching there. To keep mosquitoes out during the rainy season, remove any plants and vines that might wrap around vents or pipes in your home. For more information, call a professional pest control agency today! 

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