How to Level up Fast in Clash of Clans

If you want to take part in many of the events in Clash of Clans, then you need to have a high town hall level. For most regular players of CoC this is fine, but if you’re new to the game, you won’t have a foggiest how to level up that town hall, so we figured we would throw together a few tips that would help you to level up in Clash of Clans. Besides, you could aslo find CoC account for sale on U7BUY!

Play the Game

Honestly – Clash of Clans XP for leveling up isn’t hard to come by. Everything that you do in this game will reward XP. So, if you keep playing the CoC game, you’ll naturally level up. It won’t be the most efficient process in the world, but playing the game is more than enough for people to get to their desired level in just a few weeks. You only need to play for a short amount of time each day.

Upgrade Buildings

It is important to focus on upgrading your buildings, for two reasons:

  1.     You need to upgrade them to produce more, plus to protect you from raids.
  2.     It gives a TON of XP.

So, once you have a basic base sorted out, we suggest that you invest heavily in upgrading your buildings. You’ll earn a lot of XP.

Focus on Achievements

There are a lot of achievements in game. They’ll give you some gems, which is probably why you are focusing on them. However, in the early days of playing Clash of Clans, they’ll also give you a ton of XP, which is exactly what you want. So, complete those in-game achievements, and it won’t be long before your town hall hits level 7 (which is needed for the vast majority of events in the game).

Raid More

If you raid more (and win), you’ll have more resources. This will let you upgrade your buildings quicker. Of course, raiding also means that you’ll get a lot more XP from that side of the game.

Clan Hop

Clash of Clans is all about being in clans, and we are pretty sure this is something that you could see from the name of the game. While most people stay in one clan, if you want to make the most from the leveling process, we suggest that you ‘clan hop’. This means jumping from one clan to another, each time donating all the resources you can. Once you’ve donated, jump to a new clan. Some people have reported gaining over a dozen levels in a day by doing this.

Buy a Clash of Clans Account

Of course, you can always choose to make life easier for yourself and get a CoC account. It’ll be leveled already. Our trusted site will let you buy these accounts (plus gems for your CoC account) at a very, very low price.

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