Fabre was born in 1766 in Montpellier, France, and was reported dead in 1837. His work as a painter thrived during the French Revolution, where he taught painting at the Freolentine Academy, thus continuing with his career. He is remembered for using the neo-classic painting medium, which would later thrive in France, especially in Montpellier, where he was born. One of his most notable works is the Portrait of a Man, which was completed in 1809 (Bordes, 2017). One of the significant problems experienced by the artist was a lack of international recognition, especially during the early years of their successful career. Although tourists and Italian aristocrats had precision, elegance, and realism in the presentation of his portraits, he lacked enough support to continue his work.

Portrait of a Man


Joseph Write

Joseph Write was born in Derby, England, and will always be remembered as a portrait painter and a landscape engineer. He was born in 1734 and later died in 1797. He emphasized the use of candlelit subjects resulting from tenebrism in his painting. Derby City Council preserved most of his artistic work, where he concentrated much during his career. Today, more than 80% of his portraits are persevered by the Derby Museum and Art Gallery. Throughout his career, he could keep close contact with pioneering industrialists that would help him undertake his various objectives as a painter. Some of his artwork was not accepted by some religious leaders as most of them believed that there was a conflict between science and religion If you need to travel to Africa, visit Reisen Safari Kenya.

An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump

Edouard Manet

He was a French painter. Born in 1832, his career in painting will always be remembered as he served as a role model for many upcoming painters. He was a key figure in the transition which involved a change from Realism to Impressionism, thus being regarded as one of the key figures in painting modern life. He died 1883, but his legacy will still live on. Most of his work can be traced back to Paris where he was born. He adopted realism as a medium of painting, which includes suppression of transitional tones, simplification of details and loose brush strokes. The Railway is one of Eduardo’s best works as it was also his last painting. The artist faced challenges during his career, as some of his works, such as the Olympia, were criticized due to decency in the public eye, arguing that he didn’t fear presenting nudity to the public If you need a similar paper visit Term Paper.


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