7 Digital Marketing Tactics for Marketing Your Business

The year 2023 is almost over, and marketing strategists will soon reap the rewards of their marketing choices this year. Additionally, now is the ideal moment to begin strategizing your marketing approach for 2024 and keeping an eye out for the newest trends.

Even though it is impossible to predict every change that will occur in 2024, experts have identified a number of digital marketing tactics that can lead to an abundance of opportunities in the year ahead. These are the best digital marketing tactics and developments for marketing your Business and to be aware of if you want to succeed beyond measure in the industry.


One of the best ways to stand out in 2024 is to personalize your marketing. This can include the personalization of content, products, emails, and more. If you want some strong examples of the power of personalization, you must take a good look at Netflix, Amazon, etc. Their incredibly successful tailored recommendations are sure to impress you.

Another strong example would be Cadbury’s personalized video campaign which generated a 65% click-through rate and 33.6% conversation rate. This incident proved how much personalization works.

Conversational Marketing

Suppose you are a customer and you sent a text to a brand’s number wanting to know more about a specific response. Almost an hour has passed; still, there’s no response. Would you still be interested in learning more about the product, or would you just ditch the matter and simply move on? No one can be entirely blamed for this issue. If the brand is still in its growing stage, it can’t answer people’s queries within minutes. Customers have all the right to move on if they are not satisfied with a brand. So, what’s the best way out? Chatbots! This is the reality of modern digital marketing, this is what people want. They want their questions answered immediately, and it’s possible only with chatbots.

Conversational marketing provides customers with a personal and instant connection. Unlike other traditional marketing strategies, this form of marketing strategy is now available across various channels, allowing brands to meet their customers on their terms. Some popular methods that various companies use to execute conversational marketing are chatbots, personalized emails, virtual selling assistants, and personalized videos. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most essential marketing trends today and is likely to remain for a really long time. Videos have made businesses and agencies more powerful than ever. A large number of people claim that a video provides better returns on investments than static imagery. Videos also help a brand to build trust with potential customers.

When we talk about video marketing, YouTube is one of the first things that comes to your mind. YouTube may be the 2nd most popular search engine, but social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. are taking over the internet. You can go live on Instagram and Facebook too. 

Video making involves a lot of planning, shooting for hours, finding the right video editing software or tool to edit all the shots, and videos, and marketing it properly. You will need proper captions, hashtags, and a practical vision to market video content. But with the advent of online cloud-based tools for video creation & editing and online script generators, Video marketing has been extremely popular this year. The availability of ready-made templates for simple & quick video editing with download & use of AI to write scripts & storylines for your videos which later turn into publish-worthy videos is something that will only become more valuable with time.

Social Media Stories

The pioneer of stories was Snapchat. Instagram and Facebook decided to take this idea, and the result is truly unbelievable. Now, Twitter, YouTube, and more social media platforms are unveiling their story formats. Stories are posts that stay for 24 hours but help brands a lot in sharing genuine content on a personal level with their audiences. Plus, Instagram comes with so many interactive stickers for its stories. You can create a poll, ask questions, and whatnot!

If you want to create stories that stand out, finding a perfect video creation & editing tool with all the necessary features like already available Instagram story templates will help you more than anything. If you want to keep a story pinned to your profile for longer than 24 hours, all you have to do is make a ‘highlight’ section. Facebook also has these features, but Instagram stories have successfully surpassed all the other features.

Social Messaging Apps

If you still think that social messaging apps are only for sending texts and emojis to your loved ones, think again. The top three social messaging apps, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, have more than 4.5 billion users combined. These apps are just another execution of conversational marketing strategy. Users of these apps expect brands to be available here so that they can clear all their doubts easily and directly.

A brand should definitely use social messaging apps to boost its sales, cultivate contacts, regain potential customers, and more

Green Marketing

Green marketing, also known as eco-marketing, is the practice of developing and advertising products based on their real environmental sustainability, which represents a broader movement towards sustainable manufacturing techniques. Such techniques include the use of recycled or recyclable materials, the use of renewable materials, and limiting the use of packaging. Doing this not only provides you with competitive advantages over other businesses but will also help to increase your brand’s image. Surveys show that 90% of millennials show the will to pay more amount for sustainable products.

Interactive Content

What really brings more potential customers and new audiences? Interactive content! The more you keep your followers entertained, the more chance they have of buying your products. Thus, this strategy should not be avoided. Some more interactive content includes quizzes, polls, advertisements on augmented reality, and 360-degree videos.

Interactive content is more engaging and is more likely to boost your sales. More and more people participate in interactive stories on Instagram because it makes them feel more involved in the buying process and interactive stories build a bond between the audience and the brand.


As previously mentioned, no one can entirely predict the ever-changing digital market. We can only do our research and assume, but we must make sure that the assumptions we end up with are flexible so that we can adapt to any situation when things take a turn.

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