7 Top-notch Healthcare Software In 2023 For All Care Facilities

Approximately 94% of clinical settings use healthcare software for various care benefits. Today, healthcare software is not a luxury; it is a must-have tool for streamlined care outputs and results. It facilitates easy access to digitized patient records and note-taking. Clinicians can check out patient profiles, previous care history, and updated reports with a click. It also enhances the patient care experience. Patients can request prescriptions and health sessions remotely. They can also schedule appointments and fill out forms digitally using their portals.

Therefore, healthcare software benefits clinicians and patients mutually. Day-to-day care practices are optimized. Several manual tasks are easy to automate with its diverse tools. Billing, invoicing, claims management, and several other services are also rendered with healthcare software.

To help you kick-start your selection, we have narrowed the list of the seven top-notch healthcare software. There are dozens of programs available in the market. You can save time and look for reliable options from our cohesive healthcare software list. So, let’s start with the first healthcare software without waiting further.

Jane EMR

Jane EMR allows all-in-one practice management on its cloud system. These functions—booking, charts, schedules, encrypted video, and billing—are accessible online in one streamlined healthcare software. It saves a ton of time and effort in the documentation and billing processes by centralizing them. Administrators can configure permissions to limit who can see, change, or delete data.

It has a streamlined interface helps users get to work faster, and its user-friendliness means that even newcomers will have an easy time picking it up. In addition, it can send out reminders for scheduled events. It’s simple to keep track of patient appointments, submit claims to insurance providers, take credit card payments, and print out receipts using the system’s electronic documentation.


  • Extensive personalization options and relevant practicality make it ideal for everyday use.
  • It’s safe and dependable, so patient privacy and data storage are prioritized in Jane EMR.
  • You won’t have any trouble getting the hang of its functions because they are straightforward.


  • PDF convert-like options are not yet available.


Jane EMR has three distinct pricing plans ranging from $77 and $99 to $369 per month.


A specialty-based open-source program for mental health facilities, OpenMRS is another distinct choice. OpenMRS allows users to create a group of patients. It also offers support in multiple languages. It can be used to keep track of patient information, such as demographics, settlements, and health records, all in one convenient location. Its adaptability to different advanced OpenMRS features for communication and data formats makes it useful for varying-sized medical facilities.

Patient databases, a real-time charting system, and a self-service portal are great additions. It includes plenty of reporting options that allow the generation of individualized reports by the doctor-supplied report templates. Furthermore, the developers of OpenMRS are always innovating new open-source tools for the medical community.


  • OpenMRS is preferred above other open-source systems due to its usability and reliability.
  • Users like its straightforward interface and controls, according to OpenMRS reviews.
  • It also provides free, top-of-the-line service initiatives with greater security.


  • Initially, it has a high learning curve.


As mentioned earlier, OpenMRS is free healthcare software. Contact a vendor to install it if you’re interested.

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is another comprehensive system for managing your medical practices and its back-office operations. There are many benefits to digitizing medical records for doctors and other healthcare workers. 

Centricity offers various services, including electronic prescription, medical record storage, billing, and patient registration. With its ability to produce reports in multiple formats, its features have the potential to cater to the diverse preferences of patients. In addition, it provides a consolidated view of the patient’s information across all involved healthcare providers.


  • Its scheduling capabilities facilitate patient appointment confirmations, modifications, and cancellations. 
  • It has cutting-edge functions, including administering a formulary, alerting users to allergies, and checking for drug interactions in a flash.
  • Numerous administrative, therapeutic, and monetary procedures rely on patient charts and template designs.


  • When updates slow down performance, they can be an inconvenience.


Only vendors can disclose Centricity EMR prices on request.

Epic Software

Medical professionals in various fields, from primary care to oncology and behavioral health, have found Epic software a reliable healthcare alternative. It has cutting-edge resources for coordinating care between different medical fields. Tools like RCM and patient records are added to help doctors and patients communicate better. These tools—administrative, portal, and charting—improve the level of care patients get.

The ONC has also validated its conformance to HIPAA and Meaningful Use, which it has certified as compliant. It’s a great option for many medical professionals because it doesn’t require specialized knowledge.


  • The adaptability of the facilities allows for individualized treatment to be provided.
  • Apps for smartphones and tablets make a wide range of services easily accessible, including telemedicine.
  • Multiple integration programs of varying kinds are also available.


  • Epic software deployments are lengthy processes.


Only vendors can offer accurate price quotes.


CureMD EMR includes electronic health records, patient portals, medical billing, and practice management. This leads to more efficient management of administrative and clinical expenses. Management dashboards for KPIs, claims processing for insurance, and appointment setting are all included. Its main products and services include EMRs, automated processes, and data storage and management.

And its robust lab interface allows doctors to send orders to different labs and track their progress. It saves doctors time by automatically handling repetitive procedures and provides instantaneous updates on patients’ conditions.


  • Hospitals can tailor CureMD EMR with its adaptable design to meet their unique needs.
  • Its flexibility stems from the ease with which it may be personalized and utilized.
  • Several programs, like those employed in document management, are simple and intuitive.


  • It’s not always easy to integrate with other programs.


You can get started with CureMD EMR for $195 per month.


DocuTAP EMR, presently known as Experity, is a viable healthcare software and medical administration solution hosted in the cloud and tailored for walk-in medical centers. It equips medical staff with everything they need to efficiently perform administrative and patient-related duties. Its main uses are in recording data, generating reports, setting up appointments, and controlling the financial aspects of a business. 

Healthcare providers can more easily maintain the track of their patients’ medical histories, signs, diagnoses, and treatments with this system. It streamlines the medical billing process, from patient onboarding to claim filing and payment.


  • Its automated appointment reminders maximize provider scheduling, reduce no-shows, and reduce expenses.
  • Teleradiology securely transfers X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans between hospitals and radiologists.
  • Charts and graphs reveal patterns. These help healthcare professionals increase efficiency by identifying opportunities for improvement.


  • Its efficiency struggles when used while multitasking.


DocuTAP EMR pricing is available exclusively upon request from vendors.

AdvancedMD EHR

AdvanceMD EHR is versatile healthcare software for varied care businesses. In terms of clinical needs, it covers every base, from cardiology and pediatrics to psychiatry and beyond. The HIPAA and ICD-10 regulations protect your data.

Automatic coding, claim management, and insurance-related verification are just a few of the insurance and billing perks built into AdvancedMD EHR. To make well-informed choices, doctors need efficient and precise tools. AdvancedMD EHR provides a complete solution with several reports and analytical capabilities. These reports simplify clinic progress tracking.


  • It’s a simple and efficient mobile app and cloud-based service.
  • Processing times decrease due to easier data entry.
  • A complete resource for scheduling, billing, and referrals.


  • Its enhanced capabilities result in an increased learning curve.


AdvancedMD EHR has two pricing options. Vendors disclose pricing only on inquiries.


Healthcare software tools benefit doctors, admin staff, and patients alike. Care outputs are elevated. The automation tools bring high-end results. Scheduling, e-prescriptions, and telehealth tools unlock a more cohesive care approach. From lab integrations to patient-doctor communication, healthcare software is a win-win call for everyone in the care process. So, we strongly recommend picking a reliable solution for your care needs. You can start your finding by exploring these top-notch seven healthcare software.

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