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A spa owner can better understand how difficult it is to run a successful spa business in this competitive market. To stay ahead in this competition everything must be remarkable from managing appointments efficiently to delivering exceptional customer experiences. If you are also a spa owner and struggling to manage business operations efficiently then the best solution is to integrate spa scheduling software. However, there are countless scheduling software available in the market, and choosing one out of all is a tough task.

That’s why to help you out of this, we will check the details of the top 8 spa scheduling software of the beauty industry in this detailed blog. 

8 Top Best Spa Scheduling Software for 2024

The below-mentioned are the best spa scheduling software beneficial for 2024.


The first and the best spa scheduling software on the list is thought to be Salonist. However, why do salon professionals recommend and trust it? Check out the useful features listed below.

  • Simplified scheduling of appointments: This Salonist’s feature allows customers to directly schedule, cancel, or reschedule their appointments online through the salon’s service page.
  • Inventory Control: It monitors both retail and in-house inventories, notifying users when the stock needs to be refilled. Additionally, the owner can generate orders from the vendors and track those orders in real time.
  • Client management: Salonist store client information such as name, address, phone number, purchase history, membership plans, budget, etc. These particulars can be utilized to offer specialized services.
  • Staff Management: The software saves important staff details and tracks their performance. Later, it helps to assign duties and calculate the payroll of every employee accurately.
  • Comprehensive Reports and Insights: Salonist provides you with detailed reports on every aspect of your salon’s operations, from completed sales to employee performance, in the form of transparent charts, graphs, and bars.


Frеsha is among the most well-liked salon softwarе in the market next to Salonist.

It’s a fantastic choice for running profitable spa software. The scheduling and booking process for appointments is made simpler with this software.

The below-written are the key functionalities of this spa scheduling software.

  1. Enable Self-booking option
  2. Easy Appointment Scheduling
  3. Effortless tracking of customers’ appointment history.
  4. Offer POS integration for contactless payment processing.
  5. Manage inventory Stock efficiently.


Calanderly is a scheduling automation platform that helps businesses create scheduling links and booking pages as per their availability. It allows businesses to share their calendar link with others so clients can easily book time with one click.

The following are the Key Features of Calendly:

  1. Automate the scheduling process for external meetings.
  2. Allow clients to Share Open Time Slots
  3. Seamless Third-party Integration
  4. Multiple Calendar Integration
  5. Offers Personalized Booking Pages
  6. Supports team scheduling


The next spa scheduling software that is available in the market is Appointy. It is a powerful scheduling solution with a simple-to-use interface and offers seamless integration with third-party to cater to diverse business requirements.

  1. Accept online bookings 24/7
  2. Give Appointment alerts
  3. 3. Permits full, part, or fixed amount as prepayment
  4. 4. Customer data management
  5. Allow integration with multiple payment apps and calendars is an advanced spa scheduling software that comes with basic free plans that are beneficial for managing all businesses whether new or small.

The exceptional features of this software are written below.

  1. Offer multi-channel booking convenience.
  2. Accept online payments and deposits.
  3. Offer client and admin apps.
  4. Reminder booking reminder via email/ SMS.
  5. Allow secure integration with third parties and API.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is an easy-to-use spa booking software for businesses. It lets businesses add a friendly calendar on their website and phone so clients can easily request their preferred booking times. The software allows business owners to review and approve those requests before confirmations. Once approved, appointments sync seamlessly with your phone’s calendar. What makes Square Appointments stand out is its time-saving features. The following are some of them.

The below-written are the key functionalities of square appointments

  1. Allow online appointment bookings
  2. Provide loyalty Programs.
  3. Generate advanced Rеporting.
  4. Include Invеntory managеmеnt fеaturе with stock rеmindеrs.
  5. Offer delivery management add-ons.


Vagaro is a scalable and user-friendly Spa scheduling software available in the market. It works best in spas that employ a variety of services makеup artists, massagе thеrapists, nail tеchnicians, еtc.

  1. Recurring appointments
  2. Online booking capabilities
  3. Vagaro marketplace integration
  4. Inventory management tools
  5. Online store functionality

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a spa scheduling software that offers several smart tools to manage appointments. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced features. 

The below-written are some of the useful features of Acuity scheduling software.

  1. Allow clients to book, and make payments online 24/7.
  2. Give clients access to the book and schedule their appointments easily.
  3. Include several customizable features.
  4. Client data is secured, encrypted and protected.
  5. Offer recurring subscriptions, packages, and gift cards


The ultimate goal of every spa owner is to enhance service quality and business efficiency to satisfy their clients. However, from the various options present in the market choosing one is quite difficult. Consider the above-provided best spa mobile app or software to check whether it matches your business requirements and choose wisely.


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