Plastic Clothes Hangers Plastic Clothes Hangers

Whether you’re cleaning your closet and finding a few extra hangers or simply looking for a way to cut down on plastic, you may be asking what to do with them. Can we recycle plastic hangers?

Plastic hangers are ubiquitous due to the rapid expansion of fast fashion worldwide, and they have a major influence on the environment. But there are some excellent Clothes Hangers, which don’t affect that much. What are the options, then? Find out if plastic hangers may be recycled and other possibilities by investigating below.

After reading this article, you will feel better about throwing off those old hangers.  

What To Do with Old Hangers? 

Plastic clothes hangers are easy to come by as they are cheap and widely available. This is probably why most people have dozens of them lying around in their wardrobe or stored in a box in the attic.

Fortunately, you can use plastic hangers to create useful tools and crafts rather than hang your clothes. Here are ideas that will introduce you to the various possibilities for making crafts with plastic hangers.

  • Laptop Note Holder:

With the help of this idea, you can use a plastic hanger as a makeshift stand when working on your laptop. However, you may need service to hang heavy objects such as magazines as this is a makeshift arrangement. On the plus side, however, you don’t need to use any tools for this project.

  • Paper Towel Dispenser

Like most others, you are also likely to throw away a plastic hanger if it breaks down at the centre, believing it can’t be used for its intended purpose anymore. Do not worry! With this hack, you can reuse it.

  • Flip Flop Organiser

Irrespective of the number of times you try to organise your flip-flops and sandals in the shoe rack, it just turns into a big mess. You can eliminate this problem with just a few plastic toddler hangers. You will need a sharp utility knife and a cutting board.

  • Ribbon Holder:

This craft with plastic hangers presents another way of using a broken plastic hanger (you can also cut one right in the centre). Instead of sliding in a paper towel roll, insert ribbon spools in the hanger. Though you can use a hanger for this craft, it is safer and easier than plastic hangers.

Where To Donate Hangers?

Why not give those extra hangers gathering dust to a good cause or a thrift store instead? Those in need can benefit from the constant demand for hangers. A few places that may use some hangers are:

Thrift Stores in Your Area: 

There is usually a need for hangers at local thrift stores. Thrift businesses greatly benefit from hanger donations because it helps them stay organised and give back to the community. Plastic hangers are both accepted at most thrift stores.

  • Homeless Shelters: 

Like all other basic requirements, Hangers are constantly in demand at homeless shelters. A good way to organise donated clothing is to utilise hangers so that individuals in need may easily find what they need. Giving a homeless shelter a donation of hangers is a tiny but meaningful way to help the people staying there feel more organised and at ease.

  • Women’s Refuges: 

Women who have been victims of abuse, whether it be domestic violence or another type, can find refuge in women’s shelters. The shelters frequently get contributions of clothing, including business attire for interview purposes, and hangers to help organise these goods. A woman’s shelter may use your generous donation of hangers to help its residents keep their dignity and belongings in order during tough times.

  • Educational Institutions in the Area: 

Schools in low-income communities often feature clothing closets for students who need clean clothes at home. The lack of hangers in these closets makes it hard for students to find what they need. Donating hangers to local schools is one way to help keep kids’ closets organised and clean.

  • Organisations for the Common Good: 

Several nonprofits are always looking for new clothes and other goods to provide to people in need. Check the organisation’s needs before giving hangers since they typically have strict guidelines. Dress for Success, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army accept hangers.

Does Goodwill Accept Hangers?

Goodwill’s job training and placement services, among other community-based programmes, help people with disabilities, limited education, or other impediments to employment. Goodwill happily takes clothing, furniture, and home products. These sales contribute to the organisation’s mission funding.

Goodwill does accept hangers. Plastic hangers in good condition are welcome donations to Goodwill. However, due to safety concerns, Goodwill does not accept hangers for donation. For more detailed instructions on donating, people should contact their neighbourhood, Goodwill. Donors can conveniently donate their hangers without the hassle of transporting them to the store because Goodwill offers pickup services for large contributions.

Finally, you can buy hangers from Goodwill. If you want to know their contribution policies or if they provide pickup services for big donations, you can contact your neighbourhood, Goodwill. Donating hangers to Goodwill is a win-win, they said the organisation’s cause, and the hangers don’t end up in landfills.


There aren’t many places where you may donate used clothing hangers. Donating and recycling clothes hangers can be a hassle, so they usually wind up in the dump. Asking the establishments you frequent to retain the hangers you get after each purchase is a great way to reduce the extras you own.

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